CU Library and Museum Visits Program (Walking tour)

When: Wednesday, November 15, 9.15 – 11.30 am. (2 hours)
Cost: Free of charge
Registration:  On-site during the conference at Registration Desk
Meeting point and time: On the ground floor, MCS building at 9.15 am.
Routes and maximum of registrants allowed:  

       Maximum number: 35

CU lib

Office of Academic Resources (OAR), the central library, was established in 1910. OAR serves the curriculum, teaching and research in the university community. Therefore, OAR provides the university community members Thai and foreign information resources in several formats. Additionally, OAR offers research support services to students, researchers, and faculty members. Come and join this route if you’d like to know more how OAR serves all university community members’ information need.

Maximum of number: 15


This route will introduce you two faculty libraries from two different disciplines: Political Science and Medicine. Political Science Library, established in 1949, serves as an information source for students and faculties in the field of Social Science, especially Political Science. This library makes an attempt to provide the best services to the users, then the library creates and designs innovative ways of information services and dissemination. The PolSci mLibrary was selected to receive the Public Sector Management Quality Award for the best government agencies’ services by the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission this year. 


Next, we continue the walking tour to visit Faculty of Medicine library and memorial hall. Here, we will know more this medical library’s resources and services. Additionally, we will visit the Faculty of Medicine Memorial Hall which was established in 2014 in order to learn the history of Medical education in Thailand and the development of Faculty of Medicine.

Maximum number: 35

CU Museum

Memorial Hall


Chulalongkorn University celebrates its centenary anniversary this year. The university has passed significant periods in the history of Thailand and other countries. Taking this cultural route, we will visit two sites that let us look back on the memories of the university and learn about its museum and archives management. First, the CU Museum shows the history of the university through its new exhibitions. The museum also features an art gallery. Second, the Memorial Hall of Chulalongkorn University is where the history of the university is preserved in valuable archival records and objects that have been important to the university. Both visits will be led by the specialists. Please join us in this small but fun historical field trip!




Organized by Department of Library Science, Chulalongkorn University
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