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Full papers

  • Trond Aalberg, Tanja Mercun and Maja Žumer. Interactive Displays for the Next Generation of Entity-centric Bibliographic Models
  • Seyed Ali Bahreinian and Fabio Crestani. Tracking Smartphone App Usage for Time-Aware Recommendation
  • David Bainbridge, Sally Jo Cunningham, Annika Hinze and J. Stephen Downie. Writers of the Lost Paper: A Case Study on Barriers to (Re-)Finding Publications
  • Eric Boamah and Chern Li Liew. Conceptualising the Digitisation and Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge: The Importance of Attitudes
  • Lara Dodd, Gobinda Chowdhury, Morgan Harvey and Geoff Walton. Information Seeking Behaviour of Aspiring Undergraduates on Social Media: Who are They Interacting with?
  • Songphan Choemprayong and Thanaphorn Atikij. Effects of Search Tactic on Affective Transition while Using Google: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Undergraduate Students
  • Gobinda Chowdhury, Joumana Boustany, Serap Kurbanoğlu, Yurdagül Ünal and Geoff Walton. Preparedness for Research Data Sharing: A Study of University Researchers in Three European Countries
  • Sally Jo Cunningham, David Bainbridge and Annette Bainbridge. Exploring Personal Music Collection Behavior
  • Dion Goh, Alton Chua and Ee Peng Lim. An Analysis of Rumor and Counter-Rumor Messages in Social Media
  • Jose Maria Gonzalez Pinto and Wolf-Tilo Balke. Offering Answers for Claim-Based Queries: A New Challenge for Digital Libraries
  • Jose Maria Gonzalez Pinto and Wolf-Tilo Balke. Result Set Diversification in Digital Libraries through the Use of PapersClaims
  • Annika Hinze, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany, Sally Jo Cunningham, Sarah-Jane Saravani and Clive Wilkinson. Use of Mobile Apps for Teaching and Research Implications for Digital Literacy
  • Saeed-Ul Hassan, Mubashir Imran, Tehreem Iftikhar, Iqra Safder and Mudassir Shabbir. Deep Stylometry and Lexical & Syntactic Features based Author Attribution on PLOS Full Text Digital Repository
  • Cliff Loke, Schubert Foo and Shaheen Majid. Video Seeking Behavior of Young Adults for Self Directed Learning
  • Budi Nugroho and Masayoshi Aritsugi. Application of \(k\)-Step Random Walk Paths to Graph Kernel for Automatic Patent Classification
  • Ei Pa Pa Pe-Than, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh and Chei Sian Lee. Motivational Difference Across Gameplay Mechanics: An Investigation in Crowdsourcing Mobile Content
  • Iqra Safder, Junaid Sarfraz, Saeed-Ul Hassan, Mohsen Ali and Suppawong Tuarob. Detecting Target Text related to Algorithmic Efficiency in Full Text Digital Libraries using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Model
  • Ryo Tagami, Tasuku Kimura and Hisashi Miyamori. Automatic Answering Method considering Word Order for Slot Filling Questions of University Entrance Examinations
  • Suppawong Tuarob. Automatic Discovery of Abusive Thai Language Usages in Social Networks
  • Janus Wawrzinek and Wolf-Tilo Balke. Semantic Facettation in Pharmaceutical Collections using Deep Learning for Active Substance Contextualization
  • Chiranthi Wijesundara, Winda Monika and Shigeo Sugimoto. A Metadata Model to Organize Cultural Heritage Resources in Heterogeneous Information Environment

Short papers

  • Robert Allen, Eunsang Yang and Tatsawan Timakum. Opportunities and Challenges for a Foundry of Everyday Actions and Infrastructures
  • Maryam Bugaje and Gobinda Chowdhury. Is Data Retrieval different from Text Retrieval? An Exploratory Study
  • Yasuko Hagiwara, Emi Ishita, Mizutani Emiko, Kana Fukushima, Yukiko Watanabe and Yoichi Tomiura. Identifying Key Elements of Search Results for Document Selection in the Digital Age: An Observational Study
  • Anushia Inthiran. Doctor-Patient Communication of Health Information Found Online: Preliminary Results from South East Asia
  • Yejun Wu and Li Yang. A Pilot Study on Comparing and Extracting Impact Relations
  • Shuntaro Yada and Kyo Kageura. Measuring Discourse Scale of Tweet Sequences: A Case Study of Japanese Twitter Accounts


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